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Psychological Thriller / Historical Fiction


Into The Black

Detective Nance Spinosa feels her hard work and perseverance have paid off when she becomes head of homicide for the Long Beach Police Department. But her first case opens a trove of local dirty secrets and she finds herself navigating a labyrinth of crime and corruption.

Nance receives a tip that a series of seemingly unrelated fatal mishaps have a connection. Certain the bizarre accidents are murders resulting from a decades old scandal, she takes her findings to her superior. He crushes her theory of a serial killer and declares the case cold. 

But Nance Refuses to give up. With an uncooperative boss, and a team of second-guessing detectives who assume they could do a better job, she ends up on everyone’s radar, including the killer, who is closing in and setting Nance up for disaster. 

Pursuing her investigation through an ever darkening landscape, Nance must either apprehend the killer, or risk losing everything.

The Initiation of
Lady de Winter

How did a nice lady like Anne Audley become Lady de Winter, palace spy and arch-villainess of The Three Musketeers? Was she always a dangerous woman?

The year is 1623. Lady Anne lives quietly with her husband and toddler in the English countryside. But that ends when she and her husband Harald, Duke of Southampton, are drawn into a Machiavellian plot to negotiate a marriage contract between England's Prince Charles, a Protestant, and the Spanish Infanta, a member of the most powerful royal family in Europe, Roman Catholics all. When the crown prince arrives in Madrid for the marriage negotiations, a Monsignor and Vatican agent presses him to embrace Catholicism, but Charles resists. As the prince continues to woo Princess Maria, Anne realizes the Vatican agent has given up hope of converting him and is instead twisting a more sinister plot into motion. She must thwart his scheme before the prince steps into a lethal trap.

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About Crystal

Crystal Allen’s career includes several years as a journalist before becoming a communications consultant in Boston, Manhattan, and Silicon Valley. Her work has appeared in the Boston Business Journal, SeekingAlpha, European Pharmaceutical Executive, and Metro Silicon Valley

She currently lives in Las Vegas with her husband Ken, and their two rescue cats—an affectionate ragdoll and an adventurous bullseye tabby. She is currently mastering the art of desert landscaping.